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Welcome to Ooh La La! natural Essential Oil soaps and products!
We are a premiere Natural, Essential Oil soap and products company. Our products are handmade from scratch by us. We use only the purest ingredients, oils and essential oils. Essential Oils are distilled from the mother plant. They have been used throughout history for medicinal and beauty purposes. Some are documented in medical journals and reported to improve or aid in curing problematic conditions. Our products are chemical free. We use no animal products except for the heavy whipping cream soap. We quality check, wrap and label each product. Our natural soaps have luxurious, rich lather. Natural soap is PH balancing and Glycerin is naturally retained. Your skin will love you for it! All soaps, except for exfolliant soaps, are superb for body, face, hair and to shave with.

We make no medical claims. Google "Benefits of (the name of the essential oil or oil you are interested in)" for further benefit information.

When using essential oil soap, please lather up and give the essential oils a few seconds to soak in. Don't just quickly shower under a running stream of water. Using the Simply Body soap bag allows you to gently exfoliate, increase lather and you hang it up to dry on the bath handle. No more soap dish mess and longer lasting soap. Typically natural soap produces no soap scum as no fillers or chemicals are used. For every 3 bars of natural soap purchased, you will get a FREE $5.00 soap net. Please call if you have any questions. (325) 201-3565