BELIEVE!” That’s a strange way to start our story off with! I worked for the Department of Defense as a Housing Director in support of our Air Force & Navy families & unaccompanied military heroes for 33 years. After retiring in 2010, I immediately took a hobby & passion of 10 years to a professional level. I joined the International Hand Crafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild Inc. We sell at the Natural Food Store, numerous trade shows, on the web and out of our house. We've been blessed to grow this into a family business. Our grand daughters have learned all the aspects of business, integrity and great customer service.

We derive great fulfillment out of our growing customer base that keeps coming back & telling us wonderful testimonies about the change in their skin & how they LOVE the products! We have the highest integrity & use only the finest essential oils, carrier oils and ingredients. We strive to provide a beneficial, healthy product that is superb for the largest organ of our body, which is our skin, at a reasonable cost.

We’ve done a tremendous amount of research on the dangerous chemicals used in U.S. cosmetics & are horrified at the unregulated chemicals in commercial cleansing bars. MANY of these chemicals have been banned in Europe, Canada & Japan as they have been linked to cancer, ADHD, infertility & other problems. The cumulative result of using all these chemicals in every body care product must become a grave concern for everyone! Congress is proceeding with the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2012, which will hopefully stop the dangerous use in manufacturing. PLEASE READ YOUR INGREDIENT LABELS!! We truly hope you will agree with the wonderful healthy benefits & experience of using NATURAL products! Love You’All! Karen